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Life Coaching Fees and Policies

Life coaching fees and policies

Coaching services can be customized to best support your needs, and the cost varies directly with the amount of time you request.

I am a very well-trained, experienced coach with a history of helping my clients create great results. I guarantee you will find me worth the investment.

One-on-one coaching services:

  • $250 for 1 phone/zoom/in-person session
  • $700 for a discounted package of 3 phone/zoom/in-person sessions
  • Optional emotional support dog available for in-person sessions

You can schedule your sessions every week to every month, depending on your budget and needs. Sessions are 45 minutes in length.

I am so confident that you will find value in the coaching, that I provide a money back guarantee and require no contracts. 

Coaching is often covered under employers’ professional development benefits and/or under FSA/HSA accounts (wellness).  If you work for yourself, coaching is often tax-deductible.  

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If you are seriously considering working with a coach, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear about what you want to get out of coaching, talk about how we may be able to work together, and answer all of your questions. Then you can decide if there is value for you in coaching.

Money-Back Guarantee – Get value of out the coaching or get your money back.

  • “My work with Amber has helped me to see myself as a more powerful and confident woman, which has had a positive impact on both my professional and personal relationships.”

    D.M.C., Human Resources Director, The Gap, San Francisco, CA
  • “As an over-achiever with workaholic tendencies, my coaching with Amber has helped me to slow down, figure out what’s important to me and enjoy life more than I have in five years.”

    Cheryl Stein, Fortune 500 Executive, Boston, MA

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