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Managing Remote Work Fatigue a Year into COVID

As we approach the year mark of the pandemic in the US, I want to share a few tips on managing remote work fatigue. I hope you find it helpful!

Feeling Stressed/Burnt-Out? Explore Your Work Options & Make a Plan

I want to share a CNBC article in which I was featured talking about parental stress and navigating careers and distance learning through COVID. Though the story focuses on working parents, the advice is meant for anyone feeling burnt-out and considering reduced hours or a leave of absence. I hope you find it helpful!s

Crisis as a Catalyst for Change

Many of us are still reeling from feelings of anger, fear and injustice at the recent killing of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer – and the ongoing unjust killing of people of color. This is a difficult time on many levels. It is also an opportunity to reflect, get grounded and take action to affect both inner (personal) and outer (societal) change.

Taking Time to Take Care

After talking with clients, friends and family, I wanted to share a few simple ways to take care of yourself during these stressful times. Pick and choose what works best for you and adapt as needed.

12 Steps to Work More Efficiently

As a life and career coach expert for wikiHow, I recently co-authored an article on 12 Steps to Work More Efficiently.

How to Move Abroad and Find a Job in 11 Steps

Even if you’re not considering a move abroad, this article includes great tips for finding a new job or career.

How to Make a Big Decision

The start of spring is a good time to reflect on new beginnings, opportunities and decisions. Here are a few thoughts to help you kick-start this process and make empowered and intentional decisions in your life and career.


Amber Rosenberg

Amber is a life/career/executive/working mothers' coach with 20+ years experience helping high-achievers to create success that's balanced. She works with individual clients 1:1 and partners with corporations and government agencies to develop customized coaching programs to support their valued employees. Clients include Google, Adobe, US Dept. of Justice, Morgan Stanley, and Sonoma Dept. of Education.

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