Renata Razza

“I’m grateful for all the ways your fingerprints are on the beginning of my coaching business/practice and that our coaching together really has helped me stay true to myself on this path.”

Renata Razza, Professional Life Coach and Trainer, Berkeley, CA

Heather Madison

“After my sessions with Amber, I feel like I’ve had two glasses of my favorite red wine or a therapeutic massage. Amber also knows how to challenge me which has helped me to get back into exercise and to feel great about carving out time for myself.”

Heather Madison, Sales Manager, San Francisco, CA

Gretchen Silvio

“I came to coaching because I was stressed out and overwhelmed while struggling to open my new business. Amber offered me rock-solid support in this time of transition. Now the business is thriving and I’ve learned how to actually enjoy and celebrate my successes.”

Gretchen Silvio, Small Business Owner, New York, NY

Lisa Matias

“Before coaching, I was living my life on auto-pilot. While it was easy and safe, I always had a nagging feeling that I could do more…be more. Through my work with Amber, I’ve learned how to make intentional choices and have developed a newfound confidence that allows me to present my best self to the world.”

Lisa Matias, Engineer, London, UK

Margaret O.

“Amber has been very effective in helping me clarify my key issues and find the sense of grounding that I need to make changes and forge new paths in my career and life.”

Margaret O., Marketing Consultant, Fairfax, CA

Rebecca Roche-Indrine

“I got more out of one month coaching with Amber than I did from all of the self-help books I’ve read and seminars I’ve attended over the years.”

Rebecca Roche-Indrine, Small Business Owner, Belle Plaine, MN

Joelle Lapin

“When I run into people I haven’t seen for awhile, they comment on how happy, energized and great I look. I tell them it’s due to the work I’ve done with Amber.”

Joelle Lapin, Actress, Los Angeles, CA

Rebecca Fields-McKinley

“I started working with Amber because I was at a cross-roads in my career and relationship and I needed some direction. Through coaching, I’ve discovered my life purpose and have decided to get married. I attribute much of this success to the great inner-work I’ve done in coaching.”

Rebecca Fields-McKinley, Writer, Washington, DC

Randy Goodwin

“Since I started coaching with Amber four months ago, I’ve lost 20 pounds and earned a promotion at work which has boosted my confidence to start dating again.”

Randy Goodwin, Fortune 500 Executive, San Francisco, CA

Noelle Rozen

“I’ve found our work together to be extremely effective. Thank you for your inquiries and insight. It has made all the difference in my role as a leader.”

Noelle Rozen, Communications Director, San Francisco, CA

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