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June 14, 2012

Don’t Let Fear Trump Success

Happy summer!  The last three months have been incredibly inspiring.  Through several corporate workshops and a ton of one-on-one coaching, I’ve witnessed tremendous growth, change and success in my clients.  A great reminder that to successfully meet our goals, we must proactively manage our fear.  That bears repeating.  Unless you make a concerted effort to manage your fear, success will prove elusive, every time.  Here’s a 60-second video with some tips on how to manage your fear of failure (just one of hundreds of fears):

Also, check out my recent interview with Glass Hammer, a leading career site for women: Women in Corporate Leadership Positions

Here’s to a fabulous summer full of fun, adventure and love.



Amber Rosenberg

Amber is a life/career/executive/working mothers' coach with 20+ years experience helping high-achievers to create success that's balanced. She works with individual clients 1:1 and partners with corporations and government agencies to develop customized coaching programs to support their valued employees. Clients include Google, Adobe, US Dept. of Justice, Morgan Stanley, and Sonoma Dept. of Education.

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