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Rebecca Rush

“I worked with Amber in weekly phone appointments for several months. I was looking for a life coach, because I wanted help transitioning out of a career that left me feeling chronically overwhelmed. In our appointments, Amber helped me to unravel that there was much more than just work contributing to my unsustainable lifestyle, including worries about family health issues, etc. She helped me to identify the issues I can control, the issues I can influence, and what is out of my hands. She also helped me to identify my core values. At first I was somewhat dismissive or reluctant to get into conversations about core values, because I was looking for specific strategies to get into a different line of work (eg. networking, etc.), and the core values conversation seemed too intangible to be helpful. However, Amber helped me to see that identifying core values is a necessary first step in order to ensure that any changes I make in my career, personal life, etc. will actually bring me satisfaction with my life.

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