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June 18, 2013

Happy Summer! As the days get longer, it’s a great opportunity to think about how to get some zeal back into your life. Watch my interview in the below 90 second video. You’ll learn how to identify and honor your values and step outside of your comfort zone to get you on the right track:

Also, check out a recent LA Times Interview with me about following-through with goals.

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Make it a fun, successful and balanced summer.



Amber Rosenberg

Amber is a life/career/executive/working mothers' coach with 20+ years experience helping high-achievers to create success that's balanced. She works with individual clients 1:1 and partners with corporations and government agencies to develop customized coaching programs to support their valued employees. Clients include Google, Adobe, US Dept. of Justice, Morgan Stanley, and Sonoma Dept. of Education.

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