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Suzanne McFayden Smith

“Juggling 3 kids, two cross-continental moves in two years AND a writing career became a lot more manageable once I started working with Amber. Although I certainly don’t always get it right, I can now identify much more quickly what’s most important even if that task wasn’t on my original to do list. Working with Amber, I also have learned to set boundaries which are mine alone to erect or relax: a very important skill given that the hardest task for me as a mom/writer is taking care of the kids but making sure I am also taking care of me so I can do my best by them. I also now give myself credit for my successes big and small whereas before Amber I tended to see all the things I hadn’t achieved. Acknowledging those successes puts everything in a better light.”

Suzanne McFayden Smith, Professional Writer and Mother of Three, Austin, TX

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