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Sunny Dulay

Sunny Dulay

“Amber changed my life! She is an amazing life and career coach! I went to her when I was trying to transition from a job to a job in a new field that I was passionate about (Product Manager @ a B2B company to a PM at a B2C company). Switching jobs is not easy, switching jobs to a different field is DEFINITELY NOT EASY.

Amber met me where I was and gave me support via meditation techniques, networking techniques and frameworks to make my transition. She is an expert in time and energy management (which is a term she taught me!). I successfully made my transition, I got an offer from my dream company (Getaround). I ended up turning them down and started my own business instead & I still use techniques that Amber taught me. She is kind, understanding but still kept me very accountable. Thank you Amber!”

Sunny Dulay, Product Manager, San Francisco, CA

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