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Jane William

“Working with Amber was a great investment. As a result, I was able to more confidently manage my team and better manage my time. I also earned a promotion, which was the icing on the cake.”

Jane William, HR Director, San Francisco, CA

Scott Finley

“As a result of coaching I’ve decided to open up my own business. Through working with Amber, I realized that life is too short to wait to pursue my passions.”

Scott Finley, Entrepreneur, Palo Alto, CA

Cheryl Stein

“As an over-achiever with workaholic tendencies, my coaching with Amber has helped me to slow down, figure out what’s important to me and enjoy life more than I have in five years.”

Cheryl Stein, Fortune 500 Executive, Boston, MA


“My work with Amber has helped me to see myself as a more powerful and confident woman, which has had a positive impact on both my professional and personal relationships.”

D.M.C., Human Resources Director, The Gap, San Francisco, CA

Laura Bellafont

“The women in leadership workshop helped me to have a new trust in myself and my ability to fully step into my leadership skills.”

Laura Bellafont, Non-Profit Executive Director, Cupertino, CA

Paul McFarland

“The presentation ‘Your Career, Your Way’ was the fuel needed to start my engine. The following two weeks, I set up three interviews and received a great job offer which I happily accepted.”

Paul McFarland, Technical Writer, Danville, CA

Lillian Strouth

“I got so much out of Amber’s workshop ‘How to Achieve Work/Life Balance’ that I attended it twice. As a former workaholic, I made the life changing decision to have a baby.”

Lillian Strouth, Public Relations Executive, Cupertino, CA

Dee-Dee Franco-Wright

“The workshop ‘Your Career, Your Way’ gave me a completely new outlook on my career search and my future.”

Dee-Dee Franco-Wright, Danville, CA

Naomi Jaffe-Smith

“Before and after surveys show that Amber’s workshops increase employee job satisfaction, morale and productivity. With such an impressive return on investment, we now offer ongoing quarterly workshops and follow-up one-on-one coaching with Amber. Amber is a stellar presenter and coach and we’re lucky to have found her.”

Naomi Jaffe-Smith, Human Resources

Vidya Kaif

“Amber is an engaging, focused and energetic speaker who consistently produces overwhelmingly positive feedback from our members. There’s always a waiting list to get into Amber’s presentations and we enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend her as a speaker for your group.”

Vidya Kaif, Founder of Women’s Professional Association, Mother of Two, San Francisco, CA

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