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Gaelen Harber

“In the past four plus years, Amber has helped me work through two work layoffs, some serious financial problems, more than a few relationship breakups and family issues. She has helped me to restore my self-confidence and “positivity” on numerous occasions and to realize that I DO have wonderful qualities which help me to contribute to the world I live in. Thank you, Amber, for helping me be the person I am today!”

Gaelen Harber, Customer Relations Manager, Mountain View, CA

Cassie B.

“I saw Amber for three sessions last year. I really had no idea what I was aiming for, except finding a new path for myself, and Amber helped me steer myself toward a new future for myself and then helped me find a way to tell my bosses at my current job about this new path. As long as you’re willing to put in the work for what you want to accomplish, she can get you there. Amber is incredibly professional and friendly — I honestly think that in the future, I would see her with any professional development needs.”

Cassie B., Copy Editor, San Francisco

Justina Cross

“I worked with Amber during a big transition time in my life. I was deciding between a career shift and going to graduate school. She helped me focus in on what I’d like to contribute to the world and navigate balancing work and personal commitments. Amber is a great listener and was able to reflect back to me my own experience. I can especially recommend working with Amber if you are at a point of transition in life and want someone who is action-oriented.”

Justina Cross, Program Director, Berkeley, CA

Patricia B.

“I worked with Amber in the spring of 2017. I had a goal to move overseas, but was stuck, not believing I really could do it. She helped me create a plan that moved me into action and fueled my desire and excitement. I will be moving overseas next month! Amber was a great sounding board and offered insight I was not able to see on my own. A wonderful experience.”

Patricia B., Project Manager, San Francisco

Gayle Olson

“As a business owner, I need support sometimes on the emotional side of things, and sometimes the practical. Have had a couple sessions with Amber, one a coaching session to help sort out some emotional issues affecting my business; and a consulting session to help me expand marketing ideas for my business. In both sessions she was extremely helpful! She seems quite comfortable and competent working in the different roles of coach and consultant, easily navigating the emotional and practical. Even a couple sessions has made a big difference for me!”

Gayle Olson, Business Owner, San Francisco, CA

Stephanie Morgan

“I interviewed a few other coaches and was put off by how much they talked and how little they listened! Amber really knows how to listen. She has such a patient, grounded, yet totally engaged way of working. She was able to give me all the space I needed to think out loud (which is how I work through problems and dilemmas) and offered just the right amount of inquiry, support and encouragement to keep me chugging along. In my work with Amber, I was able to identify my goals, narrow my focus and generate a ton of cool ideas which I am now plugging away at with great results.”

Stephanie Morgan, Therapist, San Francisco, CA

Leslie Stephenson

Leslie Stephenson

“In just a few short months of working with Amber, I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth. Amber’s unique insight, her attention to the not so obvious, lends to her overall spirit and excellence as a life coach. I am blessed our paths have crossed. She is indeed exceptional.”

Leslie Stephenson, Business Owner, New York, NY

Stacy Karol

“I can’t tell you how amazing this process has been for me. I’ve come so far since we first started working together—I barely recognize the woman I was—and I owe a great deal of that to you.”

Stacy Karol, Professional Life Coach, San Francisco, CA


“Thank you so much, Amber!  Everything has been going so well for me since our first session. I got the raise I wanted at work and I realize how much more confidence I have. I wake up grateful everyday with a big smile on my face.”

E.C., Fundraising, Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer Hodges

“I greatly appreciate your grounded, clear, approach to understanding my ADHD mind and your help distilling and calendaring my action items so I don’t get anxious and give into procrastination!”

Jennifer Hodges, Head of Corporate Communications, Palo Alto, CA

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