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Corrine Meulrath

Corrine Meulrath

“After working with Amber over the past year, I was able to clearly articulate a future vision for myself and define my priorities to achieve greater work/life balance, which was having a significant impact on other aspects of my life. With Amber’s supportive coaching style, I was able to gain the confidence and made a significant career move that was long overdue. I’m not sure I would have made the transition without Amber’s know-how, encouragement, and support. Amber is able to span the personal & professional spectrums so seamlessly, it’s like getting two coaches for the price of one. She’s great at understanding the whole person and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to make changes in their life for greater overall satisfaction.”

Corinne Meulrath, Regional Director, Sonoma County Office of Education, Mother of Three, Petaluma, CA

Rebecca Rush

“I worked with Amber in weekly phone appointments for several months. I was looking for a life coach, because I wanted help transitioning out of a career that left me feeling chronically overwhelmed. In our appointments, Amber helped me to unravel that there was much more than just work contributing to my unsustainable lifestyle, including worries about family health issues, etc. She helped me to identify the issues I can control, the issues I can influence, and what is out of my hands. She also helped me to identify my core values. At first I was somewhat dismissive or reluctant to get into conversations about core values, because I was looking for specific strategies to get into a different line of work (eg. networking, etc.), and the core values conversation seemed too intangible to be helpful. However, Amber helped me to see that identifying core values is a necessary first step in order to ensure that any changes I make in my career, personal life, etc. will actually bring me satisfaction with my life.

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Connie Cook

“(The) workshop was fun, enjoyable and informative.”

Connie Cook, U.S. Probation Officer, LCSW, United States District Court

JD Woods

“I enjoyed spending the day learning about myself.  You do an excellent job facilitating this type of an event.”

JD Woods, United States District Court

Nell Desmond

“I cannot begin to express how much gratitude I have for you and the help you have provided me over the past year to get this project up and running. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Thank you again, so, so much!”

Nell Desmond, Professional Life Coach, Staunton, VA

Ayesha Brown

“Amber has guided me through several major career and life decisions and has helped me to feel excited and at ease about my choices.”

Ayesha Brown, Marketing Manager, San Francisco, CA

Denise Rizzo

“If you’re considering making changes in your life or career, I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend you contact Amber. Through her supportive and no-nonsense style of coaching, I’ve landed a lucrative and fulfilling job and met a beau who I connect with on a deeper level.”

Denise Rizzo, Director of Customer Relations, San Francisco, CA

Anita Packard

“Your coaching has been the catalyst for profound change in my life. Your guidance has been amazing.”

Anita Packard, Attorney, San Francisco, CA

Renata Razza

“I’m grateful for all the ways your fingerprints are on the beginning of my coaching business/practice and that our coaching together really has helped me stay true to myself on this path.”

Renata Razza, Professional Life Coach and Trainer, Berkeley, CA

Heather Madison

“After my sessions with Amber, I feel like I’ve had two glasses of my favorite red wine or a therapeutic massage. Amber also knows how to challenge me which has helped me to get back into exercise and to feel great about carving out time for myself.”

Heather Madison, Sales Manager, San Francisco, CA

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