Fides Magisa

“I truly enjoyed working with Amber on two occasions. She is such a calm and well organized person. She is always present at the moment and very in tune with people when she does her presentations. She is very observing and has a keen way of engaging with her audience. She is skillful on what she does as a Life and Career Coach and would love to work with her again in the future.”

Fides Magisa, Executive Assistant/Office Manager at Federal Judiciary, San Francisco, CA

Hamid Saadat

“Amber has been the guest speaker at several of CSIX Connect meetings. She is a dynamic presenter with a highly interactive workshop and continually receives very strong feedback from our members. Amber’s great personality along with her compelling presentation skills makes her one of the most effective guest speakers.”

Hamid Saadat, Founder and Chairman of the Board, CSIX Connect

Elaine Cartas

“I’ve been working with Amber for nine months now. With Amber’s help, I have been able to advocate for my self-worth, gain a work-life balance, and figure out a self-fulfilling career that matches my core values. More importantly, I gained self-confidence. Every day I wake up grateful in every aspect of my life. I have been able to use my intuition, perspective and attitude to navigate through life’s different situations. With Amber’s guidance, I have learned that happiness is a choice that takes a lot of work.”

Elaine Cartas, Fundraising Professional, Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Manelli

“Amber’s positive energy has helped me to make choices from a place of optimism instead of fear which has had a powerful impact on my relationships and career.”

Jessica Manelli, Executive, Santa Clara, CA

Nadine Bush

“In the three months that I’ve coached with Amber, my client base/income has increased 40% which gives me the peace of mind to be able to take time for myself.”

Nadine Bush, Small Business Owner, Mill Valley, CA

Letty B.

“Through my work with Amber I learned how to better manage time and be more productive. Amber helped me get through my last year and a half of dissertation writing, and helped me feel ready to tackle whatever comes my way.”

Letty B., (Former) Graduate Student, Berkeley, CA

Jason Rodriguez

“Amber uses her humor, compassion, and direct nature to help bring out the best in me. She is committed to helping me live…I mean, really live, life to its fullest.”

Jason Rodriguez, Small Business Owner, Los Angeles, CA

Kessler K.

“Amber was great! I came to her with a personal and professional dilemma and was well on my way to making a decision when the pandemic happened. Priorities shifted and we ended up tackling some habits that I wanted to change and inefficiencies in my career. It’s an ongoing process, but I can definitely say that my sessions with Amber opened up my eyes to new possibilities and kept me honest with my goals. Totally recommend!”

Kessler K., Software Engineer, San Francisco, CA

Neil Shevlin

Amber is an exceptional life and career coach. She is a joy to work with due to her professional manner, exceptional communication skills and knowledge about industries. I highly recommend her.”

Neil Shevlin, Senior Solutions Consultant, San Francisco, CA

Tiney R.

“Amber is fantastic. What makes her great is she is very calm and she kept me focused. I enjoyed the homework she has given me because I succeed best when I am held accountable. I would highly recommend anyone to Amber who is truly serious about making a change in their life / career.”

Tiney R, Dementia Behavior Health Consultant, Columbus, GA

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